Dimitris Poupalos is a distinguished creative photographer, whose work has been nominated for the prestigious Hasselblad Masters Award of Photography. Specializing in industrial landscapes, hospital premises and corporate environments, Dimitris Poupalos creates photographic narratives defined by a unique visual vocabulary, acute technical competence and a special relationship between natural and artificial light. His images tell stories that are worth seeing and be understood without words. At the crossroads of commercial and cinematic photography, his work does not document reality, but rather shapes it, reinvigorates it, and gives it a new form; a form materialized by the unwritten, the untold, the usually overlooked. Behind customer services, crowded facilities and leading products, every company and every workspace have their own stories to tell. Far behind the lines and well beyond the bounds of the everyday, lies a truth waiting to be discovered. And this is what Dimitris Poupalos ultimately aims to present: a deeper, hidden self that shines a light on a company’s unique identity.

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